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The Division of Ageing Research and Development

Promoting public health intelligence for better policy-making and improved services is a core focus of IPH work. The Division of Ageing Research and Development has a particular focus on improving public health intelligence relating to ageing and older people.  The division which was previously known as the Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland (CARDI) became part of IPH in September 2015.

Ageing and public health

According to the World Health Organization from 2000 until 2050, the world's population aged 60 and over will more than triple from 600 million to 2 billion. 

Today 1.1 million people aged 60 and over live on the island of Ireland. By 2041, there will be 2.44 million aged 60 and over making up nearly one third of the island’s total population.

The expansion of the older population is due, in part, to the dramatic increase in life expectancy experienced in the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and Northern Ireland (NI) in the past 100 years.

This demographic change has several implications for public health. Good health is essential if older people are to remain independent and to play a part in family and community life. Life-long health promotion and disease prevention activities can prevent or delay the onset of non-communicable and chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.


The Division of Ageing Research and Development’s work focuses on the connections between public health and ageing. It carries out research and policy analysis relating to ageing and public health as well as providing information on ageing research developments and ageing related health policy

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